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    Nov 13, 2009
    Mac + Netbeans + Parallells + Xp

    I was looking on this forum if someone has been in the same situation as I am but i didn't found any thread with the same issue.

    The problem is this: I installed Netbeans on my mac and I have an application (a webb page) which I normally run from netbeans (using glassfish v2) so in my browser I write http://localhost:8080/application name and I can see the page without problems. But as everyone knows in the development process the page has to be tested in all browsers (FF, Safari, IE, etc) so I installed parallels on my mac in order to run xp and get access to IE but I can't see the page from Xp. I tested the bundle mac apache server and then pointed the browser in Xp to the apache address and I can see it from xp. Why I can't see the Netbeans application from Xp?
    Do I need map the address? How?

    Thanks a lot, I'm open to test any sugestion

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    Nov 13, 2009
    I found the solution. It is so simple like as write the apache ip number, the netbeans port and the application:

    Thanks anyway.

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