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    Nov 13, 2009
    Question Preview 4.1
    my preview 4.2 WILL NOT open files. i can't even open the program, when i try to open it it simply flashes on the top bar and goes away. anybody know what i could do?

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    You see "Preview" on the Menu Bar at the very top, but only for a second?
    When I open the program (4.1) that stays there, even though no file is open.
    This is with Snow Leopard, I presume. (?)

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    @toMACsh: No. Actually, Preview 4.x is Leopard. Preview 5.x is Snow Leopard.

    @LettuceNTubes: You can always re-install Mac OS X from the CD that either came with your computer or bought from Apple. But that should be your last resort. Also, what happens when you try to open a file? Is there an error message of some kind?

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    Nov 13, 2009
    No there is no error message. I double click the application, it opens as if it always would, except after half a second it completely closes down. This means I get to see the menu bar for 0.4 seconds.

    My other idea was to make a different application the default for viewing images, but I can't seem to find out how to make that happen. If anyone could let me know about that, it would be very useful.


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    What happens if you select a document and hit the space bar .... does preview open .... can you see the document ?

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    Drag the Preview plist file out of User library > Preferences to the desktop.
    Restart your Mac then reopen preview so it makes a new plist file.
    If all OK trash the one on your desktop.
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