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    uploading to an FTP site from mac
    I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this, and if it is please move it.

    I'm still getting used to my new mac computer. One thing that I'm having trouble with is uploading to my FTP site which is hosted by a PC running Windows Server 2003. It tells me it cannot be modified (i.e. no files can be written to the upload folder). But I only get this problem when trying to upload from my mac. All other computer (all PCs) can upload without a problem.

    Is there some trick I need to know?

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    A totally simple, easy to use, VERY user-friend appp, and "man's best friend," check out Fetch!.

    IT behaves much like OS X, in the sense that it's drag and drop. OR you can use the "get" and "put" buttons when you're in the desired directory.

    Does have encryption support, and most basic FTP functions that you'd want.


    It's free. So enjoy!

    Also, the server that you're trying to log into, check with the admin, or if it's yours, make sure the directories have the proper disk permissions so that it can be written to from a remote connection.

    PS. I use this app to FTP from my gf and I's G4 Powerbook into my soft-modded original Xbox to put media on it (as I use it as an HTPC/media center). IT works gracefully and does everything I want it to.

    It's so simple, I even got her hooked on using it.

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    A known limitation of the Finder and FTP (which I assume you are using) is that write support is not implemented. DarkArt mentioned Fetch, there is also Cyberduck which is quite popular.

    If you are running OSX 10.6 aka Snow Leopard just make sure you grab the 3.3b4 release..

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    Do have Dreamweaver by chance?

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    How can I get a cellphone to automatically take pictures and upload them (ftp or otherwise) to the web? I would like a way to automate a cellphone to take pictures at timed intervals, then upload them to a remote (web) directory. Can this be done without some external hardware, say perhaps by programming something on the phone itself or is there an existing app that I can use?

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