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Thread: iPhoto library locked

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    iPhoto library locked
    I plugged my camera into my MBP and waited for iPhoto to startup. It appeared but with the spinning wheel which went on for a long time. So I forced quit and tried again getting the error screen shown in the attached pic.

    Not sure what I did wrong and how to proceed other than restarting OSX. There is no iPhoto process running, at least not that I can tell. And my HDD with my photos has the expected permissions.

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    There are a few things that might fix this. The first I'd try is following the directions given in this Apple support article.

    If that doesn't work, open Disk Utility from your Utilities folder (or using Spotlight), select Macintosh HD in the list of disks, and click Repair Disk Permissions. Try opening iPhoto again and see if that fixed it.

    If not, there might be something wrong with the iPhoto Library. To try to fix it, quit iPhoto and then reopen it while holding down the Command and Option keys. Don't release them until iPhoto prompts you to rebuild the Library. Then you can choose exactly what you want to rebuild; here are some more detailed instructions.

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    Thanks, Nabl.

    I went ahead and restarted my Mac and iPhoto is now working. I'll save the info you provided if it happens again.

    I think I may have tried to start iPhoto twice. It keeps happening when a program is very slow to start and doesn't give me an indication that I actually clicked it correctly to start and that it is in fact starting. I saw a similar problem with a different program. You get that small window with a cryptic error number on it.
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