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    Flash CS4
    Hi everyone. This is my first post and its a favor I'm begging. I'll try and help people out on here as well and won't be a moocher.

    Adobe Flash CS 4 crashes as soon as I open a flash file. I can open an Actionscript file and its fine, no crashing. I can open a presentation and again its fine but if I open a flash file or start a new one it crashes. I uninstalled it, rebooted then reinstalled it and still it does the same thing. I wonder if Snow Leopard has something to do with this. Anyway I hate Macs and regret buying one. My PCs never gave me any problems over ten years and now after one year on a MAC I have nothing but problems with it from my battery to my system to crashing of everything (a MAC never crashes? yeah right). When my MAC isn't having an attitude problem it is the best thing I ever used but thats rare. Very rare.

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    I have the same thing. Didn't find a solution yet.

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