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dying2live2k2 11-11-2009 11:08 AM

Game lag?

I am using a iMac 24" 2.66 duo-core 4GB model computer and I am experiencing more lag than expected. When using bootcamp and running Vista, games from even 2004 lag tremendously. Currently I am playing Fallout 3 on the absolute lowest settings available and the game is lagging terribly (I actually have more than the recommended settings). Is this normal?


Zigdog 11-11-2009 11:10 AM

go to, and test your internet connection.
report back with the results

dying2live2k2 11-11-2009 11:13 AM

I actually don't play online games though is the problem.

Zigdog 11-11-2009 01:27 PM

oh i see, i misunderstood your first post.
hmm, its odd... almost as if your windows partition cannot harness the full potential of your computer.

i have a partitioned HD and my windows is slower but not significantly, did you install all the bootcamp drivers correctly?

dtravis7 11-11-2009 01:30 PM

What video chipset is in that iMac?

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