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Thread: How to do incremental backups on DVD-RWs?

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    How to do incremental backups on DVD-RWs?
    I'm trying to figure out how to set up weekly scheduled backups of a disk image onto a DVD-RW. Is there a way to use the same the same DVD-RW for regularly scheduled incremental backups (even if if I have to automatically reburn the DVD-RW)? Can anyone advise me how best to accomplish this? I've tried using Get Backup w/ Toast Titanium, but it doesn't work. Any other ideas / suggestions? Thanks!

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    In a word of advice: Don't use DVD RW media for backups, and for that matter, don't use any kind of DVD media for regular backups. Not only is it a slow, slow process, but it's also unreliable. DVD media works great for storage of photos, short videos, music, and the like; but not for backing up a hard drive.

    Another fact: Currently, OS X does not support multi-session writing to DVD media. Which means that even a DVD RW disk would have to be first erased before it could be written to again. Very inconvenient and slow.

    I wouldn't even consider using DVD media for backing up in Windows. And Windows does support multi-session writing.


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