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Thread: Apple DVD Player install without approved drive (HOW?)

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    Apple DVD Player install without approved drive (HOW?)
    First off, 10.3.9 update, permisisons repaired, rebooted.

    My CPU won't even let me install iDVD or Apple DVD player because it doesn't detect my Iomega drive. I just installed Panther a couple weeks ago on my G4 YIKES! machine. Once I got my drive, I wanted to test out the dvd playback, and I noticed iDVD wasn't installed. All other iLife apps are there, but not iDVD. Well, I downloaded both apps from apple, and they simply refuse to install. I understand from searching these boards that iDVD won't do me any good anyway, becasue it won't support anything but Superdrive, but it really ticks me off that Apple DVD player won't work either!!! So I resorted to VLC, but it glitches out and never advances past the government warning screen on my dvds. My drive works with iTunes, so why not iDVD or Apple DVD player? I was told by another member that it should work with all iLife apps if it works with at least one. Guess not, huh?

    ps, tried patchburn - no dice.

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    It has been a while, but you can load iDVD with out the superdrive being installed. I am using iDVD and an external DVD burner.

    he should be an option where you can tell the install program to install it any way. To get iDVD to work with and external DVD burner. You will need patch burn.
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    No such option, and patchburn didn't help.

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