I just upgraded to Snow Leopard.
I also moved everything over to a new 500GB HD on my MacBook Pro using SuperDuper.

I use VMWare Fusion 2.0.6 and host a WinXP vm. It has been fine.
In the past (10.5.8 w/ Fusion 2.0.4) I loaded the Boot Camp drivers to this VM to support the Apple iSight & the Apple Bluetooth - and it worked great.

Since the upgrade to Snow Leopard, everything is stable and works great - only one minor problem:
I can't get my WinXP VM to load the Snow Leopard Boot Camp drivers.

When I try to "Connect the Apple built-in iSight to the virtual machine" I get a warning dialog in my VM that I need to install the Boot Camp drivers for this Apple device; otherwise I'll get unpredictable behavior.

I load the Snow Leopard DVD and select "Configure this virtual machine's CD/DVD" and connect the Snow Leopard DVD to the WinXP VM. It mounts on the VM CD\DVD drive as "WindowsSupport (D" as expected and executes the "autorun.ini" file, and pops up with the "Install Assistant": But the only options are "Remote Install Mac OS X" and "DVD or CD Sharing" - and both of these are for the MacBook Air - I don't have a MacBook Air - it is a MacBook Pro.

There is a "readme.rtf" file that clearly states to double click on the setup.exe file to install the Boot Camp support files - and it doesn't work - it brings up the "Install Assistant" for the Remote Install & DVD / CD Sharing for the MacBook Air.

There is a "Boot Camp" folder on the DVD, and it has a "Documentation" and a "Drivers" folder - but no setup, install or *.ini file to get started.

Before anyone asks, I bought this DVD at the Apple Store in Oakridge Mall, SJ.

What is the secret to getting Snow Leopard boot camp drivers loaded on this VM?