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    Time Machine and two external drives
    Snow Leopard. I have one external drive setup with Time Machine. If I wanted to connect a second drive to selectively backup some folders just for extra security can I configure Time Machine to work with two drives- one for the full backup and one for just selected folders?- or do I need to use another backup program for the second drive? Would using a non proprietary backup program (like saving in .zip) give me more flexibility? I do not plan to link or daisy chain these drives. They are separate.

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    I have been trying to figure this out for some time. I want to have different time machine drives for different internal drives and up till this point I have not been able to figure out a way to link achieve this. Although, just because I haven't been able to figure out a way, doesn't mean that other people don't know of a way to have multiple drives for time machine. But I guess we'll find out soon.
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