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Thread: CS2 on MBP, any risks?

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    CS2 on MBP, any risks?
    Hello, I have just ordered a 15" MBP 2.66 to replace my 5 year old 17" Powerbook. The Powerbook has gotten tired and has become obselete in terms of software like Flash player and such (due to the Intel switchover).

    I do have a dilemma, though: It will be a few weeks until I get Adobe CS4 since I am ordering it through the college I am taking grad classes at and they use another company, though it does save me an extra $100 over the Apple Store ed. discount.

    The problem is that I am currently working on a catalog design. I have read that there are 'issues' with PPC software, like the Adobe CS2 that I use, on the Intel Macs, but I haven't been able to gather how substantial these issues are.

    Are they merely inconveniences, like performance that is more sluggish than the machine should be capable of? or, Are there any risks involved that could jeopardize the files and work I have already done on the project?

    Obviously, if I need to, I will continue to work on my Powerbook for the time being, but I'm sure I will be dying to use the shiny, new MBP every moment that I can!

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    You will have to install Rosetta support, but as far as I know, CS2 should work fine - although it might be faster on the G4.
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