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    Hi All

    I have recently changed across to Mac (Macbook Pro) from PC (At bloody last, the best thing I have ever done LOL). Everything is great apart from 1 thing.

    I used to use ACT! CRM on the Windows platform and after using it for several months found it great and i now know it pretty much inside out. However, having come across to Mac I can't use ACT! on it.

    I have partitioned the hard drive and have Windows running on one side and ACT! will run on that, but that means booting to Mac OS then Windows OS and so on which is real annoying. Plus I have everything such as E-Mail, iCal and Address Book etc set up in Snow Leopard so having to boot windows all the time and then come back to the Mac side is a right pain in the ***.

    Now I know you can use Parallels so that you can run windows App's in Snow Leopard but I don't really like the idea of doing that. With this in mind do any of you guys and girls know if there is a way to get ACT! to run directly in Snow leopard? Maybe a crack or something? If not, do you know of a CRM solution for the Mac which has the same interface as ACT! ? I have tried Daylite but found it so unlike ACT! so I gave up on that.

    Please note: I do not wish to use web based CRM!

    Any ideas guys?


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    I am in the same situation. Used ACT! for years and would like to switch to a Mac but cannot seem to find a similar CRM for Mac. And I've done a lot of study on using Parralles but it seems like a shame to put Win OS on a Mac just to run one app. Have you found a CRM for Mac that is similar to ACT?

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    ACT! is coded in .NET and uses a SQL backend. It would be quite a feat to bring it over to the Mac. Essentially, it would need to be rebuilt from the top-down.

    That's unfortunate as I've known quite a few people who swear by the product.

    As you've noted, there are a few alternatives to running it on a Mac, but none of them are "native". According to CodeWeavers, the latest version of ACT! does not run on Crossover, so you can't even go down that route.

    That leaves running it via VMWare Fusion, Parallels or VirtualBox. And yes, it does mean installing Windows first. But if you really must have ACT! and nothing else will do, that looks like the only viable solution at the moment.

    As far as alternatives go.... have a look here:

    ACT! alternatives and similar software -

    ...but in my experience in dealing with ACT! users, you're probably not going to be satisfied without the genuine article.
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