Hi All

Just have just spent a LONG WHILE building a new website on i web. In total it was 8 pages including blog, photos and videos etc. I already have a website url address with web-mania so I used FTP to load it. I tried to load it a few times and it seemed to crash the program. So I thought to drag half of the pages into another website in the page organizer on the left hand side with the idea to drag them back in and update it when the first 3 pages were uploaded. The first 3 pages uploaded fine, then I could not drag the other pages back up into the website, and the top ones won't go down to the bottom, it is now a complete mess!

The website with its 3 pages is currently on www.joharafreedom.com and the url address at the top has got messed up for some reason too!!!
ANY IDEAS?!?!? It is driving me crazy!! If you can fix this I would love you forever!!!