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    Question iTunes Track numbers with audible files
    Has anyone else seen a problem with Track numbers and audible audiobook files - I use track numbers to record the parts that audible splits large audiobooks into (track 1 of 3 = part 1 of 3 etc...) but whenever I select 'Get info' the Track number information disappears and has to be re-entered. Can get quite annoying when playing around with other tags as you have to remember to add the track numbers each time.

    I thought I'd ask if anyone else has the same problem or whether it is something that has just crept into my library. Searched the web and can't see any other posts on this subject so maybe it's just me - which would be depressing :-(

    If anyone who has Audible audiobooks in their library can try adding track numbers and then selecting 'get info' to see if they disappear I'd be grateful

    Thanks in advance.


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    Yeah, Audible bites the way they tag their files. Half the time they don't show up in order in iTunes.

    I rename pretty much all of them, if for nothing else to get rid of the 'unabridged' out of the name. I also go into each file I download and add in the disk 1 of 3, etc. in them (instead of track #). They're still the best game in town price wise if you're wanting first run audio books. Have not had any issues editing the info.

    Current book I'm listening to, had to download a lower bitrate copy as the high end one has no chapter marks in the first 2 parts.

    edit: Just tried one using track # instead of disk #, didn't have any issues with that one.
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