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Thread: Mail and two other emails

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    Mail and two other emails
    hi. i just got gmailm which in turn let me use Mail on my mac. and i just realized im allowed to use my schools email with Mail too. so i got everything to work, but is there a way to seperate the mail from my school and from gmail? like have two folders almost? and one more thing, is it possible to put my address book into Mail. i see that to import my address book, it needs to be in a vcard or LDIF file. i already have it as CSV file from when i imported my address book from hotmail to gmail. is there anything i can do here to get my address book into Mail?thanks a ton.

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    in mail, in the mailbox drawer, click the little triangle and it shows a folder for each account, just click the one you want and that accounts email will be shown only, if you click In, all account emails are shown.

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    thanks a ton man. i still cant figure out a way to get all my contacts which are currently a .CSV file into a v card or LDIF file. any suggestions?

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    I used a program called Palm Desktop to get my list of e-mail addresses into a Vcard format. It took a little work but i did end up getting it to work.

    Basically you can import a list of e-mails and names that go with them as long as they are seperated a certain by tabs/spaces/etc. That step was the hardest part.

    Or you can look at this and try it

    Hope that helps

    Oh yea, and here is the link to palm desktop

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