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    I have purchased a Mac Mini and I am trying to convert to a complete Mac workflow for all my computer stuff. I moved to mac for 2 big reasons, I wanted to be able to officially support Mac in my game development (using the Unity game engine) and I wanted to try out Cheetah 3D as I always hear good things about it. It would be nice if I could always use Mac for everything else I do so I don't have to keep switching Mac to my Windows machine. The only other big thing I do it web development. I have 2 issue with that. First my favorite IDE for PHP, PhpED, odes not work on Mac but I can deal with that at a later time. The really big issue in installing PHP/Apache/MySQL. The big issue I have is being able to install PHP 5.3. I know there is a free MAMP but that does not have PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.3 is a must. Anyone know of any good links on how to install these 3 on a Mac?


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    A quick Google pulled up these two articles for me:

    Installing PHP 5.3 on Mac OS X Leopard The Netocracy

    Keep in mind they are using Leopard (10.5), not Snow Leopard (10.6).

    Are you dual-booting your Mini with Windows? You could always use VMWare Fusion to run your Bootcamp partition side-by-side with OS X until PHP 5.3 gets working with OS X.

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