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Thread: can't download adobe flash player.

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    can't download adobe flash player.
    Hi, just wondered if anyone can help me with this problem I have.I'm new to Mac's ( never used one before ), & just aquired a power mac G5 from a family member. It had 512mb RAM, which i upgraded to 4gb ( it can take up to 8gb, apparently! ), OSX version 10.2.7 (G5). After formatting the drive from the origional disc supplied, I took it for a run out on the internet, all was going well until i tried to post a reply on facebook. It let me type the text, but when i clicked the send button on the site, it didn't post. Also have noticed that when on ebay, when i get to the bottom of a page of items & click the next page button, it goes back to the page I'm already on. I heard it could be aa adobe flash player issue, so went to the site to download the latest player. Problem is, when I have chosen the version for my OS it says to click the yellow button to download, when i click the button, nothing happens. I even tried by downloading on my windows laptop & transferring it to the mac via a usb stick, open it on the desktop it asks me to pick a progam to open it with & gives a list, but nothing seems to work. Please help? sorry if i am being too vague, as i know nothing about this (beautiful looking) machine, having grown up on windows. Thanks for any help, Andy.

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    Wow, wealth of experience!!!

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    If you are running OS X 10.2.7, you're running quite an old version of OS X. There have been 4 releases of OS X since then. It's very possible that your browser is just unable to handle all the new technologies that power the web. What browser and what version are you using?

    When you downloaded Flash, did you download the Mac version? What is the name of the file?
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