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    Problem sending mail from home
    Hi and thanks in advance for your time.

    I have read a million threads with similar problems and still have not found a definative answer!

    I have a mbp and have mail set up with a gmail account and a work account. The gmail always works fine however the work account will receive and send emails fine when I am at work but will only receive when I am at home.

    Any experts on this subject?

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    Is that particular GMail account setup as POP 3 or iMap? Check out this article and see if it helps you to understand why you can not send while at home.



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    The gmail works fine although i have now changed this to imap, its the work account which wont send unless i am on my works network??

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    With nothing more to go on than "work account" I doubt if anyone is going to be able to give you any idea about what the problem could be. The solution is in the details.

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    The work system is an in house system which is an enterprise server.

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    Talk to your employer's computer people.

    It's possible that they've deliberately set it up so that it can only be used from within the company.

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