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    Backup software to sync to computers- music
    Here is the situation: I have a 24" Imac, and a 15" Macbook pro. I use itunes and have about 50gb of media on there. What I am looking to do is find a way to sync the itunes library between the 2 computers. I know i can transfer using an external drive, but that would take forever just to sync a few new songs. I also could go into the file system of itunes and just pick the new songs, but this just does not seem practical. Looking for something that's automatic (either over the internet or directly to a hard drive), and will be able to sync both ways (so i can buy music on my notebook and my desktop). Music is most important but it would be nice to have something that syncs everything. What do you guys do???

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    Don't know of anything that is automatic, but the upgrade to iTunes 9 is pretty close.

    Turn on Home Sharing on both computers - you now have the ability on each machine for it to show only what you don't have on the current machine and a simple drag and drop to move it all in one shot.
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    absolutely exactly what i was looking for!!!!! Right under my nose! Now i can sync my ipod with either computer right? same itunes account on both....

    Just wanted to say thanks a lot!!!!

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