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    Strange TM Files?
    Ok so I was backing up using TM on SL and I moved some files around and two files showed up on my trash can. One is of 3.GB size and its named 2009-11-01-1137 and if I delete it it tells me that I need to type my password so i think its important, I if I want to "put back" it tells me that it cannot be modified. The other file is the same thing but 8 KB in size. What should I do? What do these files contain, can i simply delete them? By the way, they only show up whenever the ext. drive is connected, as soon as its disconnected those two files disappear.

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    Looks like one of them is one of today's backups. What's there or what's in either one of the files?? There's no way any of us know what they are.

    You're going to need to open up finder and see if you can tell what they are. And I'm guessing you don't have a clue where you deleted them from?

    If the one is only one of todays hourly backups, you're probably safe deleting it. The other one, only you have access to that drive.

    And most importantly - Why in the world are you going into your backup playing around with it and manipulating files around? Quit playing with your backups....
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