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    Nov 01, 2009
    Unhappy problem with romanian layout on Mac OS X
    I am not able to write two of the romanian alphabet characters in Times New Roman. Characters like ș and ț change automatically to Menlo Regular although the font is set to TNR in the tools bar. This is really frustrating as it time consuming me having to keep copying and pasting letters from other docs - that have been sent to me by others.

    Does anyone out there know how to fix this issue..?


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    Why not just let it do what it wants to do and when you are finished select everything at the same time and change it to TNR?

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    Nov 01, 2009
    Tried that but it won't do it.. it seems as if it's locked somewhere somehow.. simply can't get rid of this menlo regular font.. it activates automatically when i write those 2 letters and it won't change into any other font whatsoever.. really weird..

    none of the people i've asked for help seem to have a clue about it..

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    What program are you using?
    Mellel 3, NWP 2, Scrivener 2.3.1, Tinderbox 5.11.2
    LibreOffice 3.6, Accordance 10.0, Adobe CS4, DTP 2.4.3
    OS X 10.8.2

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    Nov 01, 2009
    microsoft for mac 2008 on snow leopard

    was told microsoft does not support romanian on macs.. can i get it from third parties..?


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