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    searching for a Tree Notes software
    HI ALL
    This is my first post, I'm glad to join the community : )

    I'm searching for weeks for a word processing software using tree notes

    It seems the only one I found until now is OMNI FOCUS (omni outliner does it too). But this program is kind of "rigid" and doesn't support tables.

    In fact I'm a huge fan of SCRIVENER but, I need a tree texts organisation which allows me to hide and make appear some paragraphs, and keeps the ouline view of all the main titles of a text document.

    BIG THANKS !!!


    ps1 : English is not my native langage as you may had guessed, I hope my rough explanations can make you understand what I'm searching for
    ps2 : I tried TREE 1.6, but really too basic for my needs...

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    all i know of is treedbnotes it's freeware, but i've never personally used it. Hope this helps! And welcome to the community!

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    Oct 29, 2009
    Thanks for those two repplies.
    . About Tree 1.3, I already tried it... too basic...
    . And about Treedbnotes, it seems it's only windows program...

    Any other idea for a word processing software allowing tree texts ?

    Thanks again !

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