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    Q re: "do you want to revert..." option.
    hi. MacForum rookie here. apologies in advance if my protocol is subpar: i need some help: i opened a file, typed, made changes. i guess i left it open, because when i clicked on its icon again, i got the "do you want to revert" option. I must have clicked Y when i should have clicked N, because the doc that it gave me had none of my changes. completely gone. it's a HUGE problem, impossible for me to recreate. is there ANY way to undo what happened here and get my changes back? on verge of tears. thanks for any help you can offer. MG

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    Depends on how long it was opened, and whether you have time machine enabled, wich gives you the option to go back...
    If you don't, I'm afraid not...

    Welcome to the forum BTW

    Edit: which reminds me, It could be that an opened and altered file is not included in a TM backup, as it has not been saved.

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    Welcome to the world of all OSes... hit save. In Windblows, control S. In Mac OS X command S.

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    Not much you can do now for that file. But, a word to the wise for the future: If that happens again, look for a Cancel option and take that. Then go looking for your file, and when you find it open, examine it and Save if that's appropriate.

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