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    Strange lines in Safari
    Since I installed Snow Leopard I am getting these weird stripes that appear on my screen for a split second after I launch a site from the Top Sites page. They look like the stripes on a pair of pants you might see in Starskey and Hutch. This only happens when I launch from Top Sites, and only seems to happen when I have no other tabs open. Has anyone else experienced this?

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    I haven't had that exact issue, but with the last version of Leopard I used before installing Snow Leopard, I was getting sporadic graphical glitches from Safari. For me, it was a black square that sometimes appeared on the screen for a split second before the browser window appeared. I think it might have been in 10.6.0, too, but it seems to have disappeared with the updates. The solution might just be to wait for an update to see if it's fixed. 10.6.2 is rumored to be coming out soon.

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    I have been having the same issue since upgrading to Safari 4.

    To be honest I am surprised no one has brought this up until now..

    It doesnt happen all the time for me, but I did just get a new iMac last weekend and still the same issue so it's def a Safari issue

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