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y_farkash 10-28-2009 07:49 AM

Photobooth - Problem merging old and new photos

I recently had to format my HD before upgrading from Tiger to Leopard. I of course had everything backed up. I started using photobooth but then remembered I wanted to have my old photobooth pictures back.

I copied all the old pictures from my backup location (backup/users/username/pictures/photo booth) into the current location (currentHD/users/username/pictures/photo booth). I realize the backed-up pictures will overwrite the newer ones, that's ok.

In Finder, when I go to this folder (on my current HD), I see all the old pictures. Great.

When I open photo booth (the software), I only see the NEW pictures, the few I took since installing Leopard. I don't see the restored pictures from the backup.

Did I put them in the right location? Does photobooth keep a database like iPhoto which I missed?



nabl 10-28-2009 03:17 PM

Photo Booth holds its list of photos in a file called Recents.plist in the Photo Booth folder of Application Support in your personal Library folder. You can open this file and add lines with the file names of the old photos that you placed back in your Photo Booth folder. For example, if there was an old photo called Photo1.jpg, just add this line in Recents.plist between the <array> tags (if it doesn't already exist), or you can edit it with Property List Editor if you have the Developer Tools installed.

Alternatively, have you considered making an iPhoto event to hold your Photo Booth images? You could put all the ones you backed up there, and any new ones you take can be sent directly from Photo Booth to iPhoto by clicking the iPhoto button.

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