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Thread: iCal planner extensions?

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    iCal planner extensions?
    Hi. I am a teacher and Im trying to use iCal to create a planner, but there are some limitations.

    I've got my classes listed on the proper days and times, but I would like to be able to enter content as a note and be able to view it by class/hour on the daily view. The only way I can figure to do this is to enter each lesson as a new event, and this seems like kind of a pain. I would prefer to be able to just add a note to certain events so I do not mess up the schedule.

    For example:

    I teach 2 courses. One meets weekly, the other bi-weekly. I teach both courses just about every weekday except Thursday when I only teach the weekly course. Due to holidays, not every class is on the same pace, so thats the reason for trying to set this up. I want to keep the schedule in place, but add content or a note listing what the lesson for that hour is.

    Any extensions out there for teacher's planners that anyone knows of, or a way to manipulate iCal to solve this little problem? Thanks.

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    Im looking to solve the same problem - I want to be able to view ical notes in a daily list and be able to see them on various platforms - mac pc and iphone . I have mobile me membership and everything synx really well. Except the above problem and the fact that i can't see the todo list on iphone.

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