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    Suggestions for speech recognition transcription software?

    Does anyone know if there's any kind of Mac app that has speech recognition and can transcribe recordings from audio files (e.g., MP3s). I thought MacSpeech Dictate was capable of doing this, but it doesn't. And I was told that Dragon NaturallySpeaking software can *only* be used w/ a PC.

    Any suggestions?


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    Isn't Dragon Naturally Speaking the engine behind MacSpeech Dictate now?

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    Thanks... Now my version of MacSpeech Dictate has expired! Argh... Have you tried any of these methods before? And have you been successful at all? Wish I could test it, but am not wild about spending $200 -- and for a dubious prospect. Anyway, please let me know whenever you can. Thanks!

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    Question Speech recognition transcription of multiple voices
    My question is similar to the original posting.

    I'm digitally recording interviews for a project I'm working on (history of a department at the university I work at), and am looking for a speech recognition transcription software that will recognize multiple voices without having to reset settings too much.

    Is there anything out there that can do that for me?

    Thanks so much in advance!

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    Macspeech Dictate will record live audio - but I don't think it can transcribe MP3s

    Macspeech do a product called Macspeech Scribe that can do that, I dont know why they just didn't roll that feature into Dictate
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    The MacSpeech folks now have a program that is supposedly more geared to transcription from audio files than Dictate MacSpeech - MacSpeech Scribe - Personal Transcription Software for Macintosh I use Dictate regularly but have not tried this new program.

    I am not sure how much success either program would have in an interview situation unless the Scribe program has solved the issue of how to train the voices. Let's assume there are two people involved in the interview. If one of them hd an existing voice profile the recognition for that person might be pretty good. The problem would arise in training the second person/recognizing their comments without them having an existing profile.
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