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    duplicate mailboxes
    I'm fairly new to mac's, but I feel pretty comfortable with mine. I have a pretty good feeling this is an easy fix, but I can't figure it out. Before I upgraded to SL, I only had the top mailboxes (inbox, sent, trash and junk). I liked it like that. Since the upgrade, separate AKO and Gmail (and all of their buddies) showed up. I know I can right click and delete them, but I'm worried that'll delete them from the server. The really annoying part is that if I get an email sent to my Gmail account, it shows up under the mailboxes>inbox>gmail and a duplicate shows up under the lower gmail folder Gmail>gmail>all mail.

    I know this is small but for some reason it really annoys me. Any ideas on how to fix it? thanks in advance
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    I believe you cannot delete the items that you're referring to, I have them as well, I just never noticed it.

    I think it comes with the upgrade for some reason, and since they're greyed out, I think it's for informational purpose, nothing more.

    Unless a more helpful reply is posted, I see no other solution but to just ignore it, you could however click the arrows which will close the folders.

    That will at least be less intrusive on your screen.


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    yeah thats what I do now, I just get tired of reading it in my inbox, and then going down and re clicking the other inbox so that it doesnt look like i have new mail. Thank you

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