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    Time Machine backups
    Hi everyone, i have a quick question. I have a MBP and just set up a time machine hard drive connected to an airport extreme. I was curious if anyone knows if it's ok to close the macbook in the middle of a backup. Will time machine continue backing up or stop then resume next time i open it up? I've been scared to close it during a backup in fear of corrupting it.

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    Hi, welcome to the forums.

    Generally not a good idea. TM will not continue backing up once the computer goes into a sleep state.

    It's easier to let TimeMachine do it's thing before closing the lid. It won't necessarily 'hurt' anything (though HD drives can be finicky for certain operations), however subsequent backups will continue to take longer and longer due to the fact that TM will have to go back and recover the state of the original backup before you closed the lid.

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