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    Oct 25, 2009
    Unhappy Crossover/Baldurs Gate problem
    Hey guys, if you could please read my problem and provide me with a solution I will be incredibly grateful.

    I bought crossover games version 8 and the windows version of baldurs gate 2, so I opened up crossover,made a new bottle for winxp, then did a full install of baldurs gate 2, no errors their, then when I opened up the app the main menu came up and I pressed play new game and the screen just went white, so I had to turn off my mac cause everything froze.

    I was also getting an error saying cannot find the file hdogmosc.bif but this stopped and was replaced with the next error.

    Then I got the idea of running it in a window instead of full screen mode, I get the white screen + an error

    I'm really confused on this one, a lot of people have had similar problems with BG2 while others have had none,any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Oct 25, 2009

    It only took 8 hours................I think I better get some food

    For furture reference:
    To get baldurs gate to work simply install using crossover games, then in the config menu click the box for 3d accelerator and click apply, then run the game and in the game options click on the full screen option and their you go

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