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    Preview problem
    Umm, so I have a few pdf's that I have to read for class that I downloaded and everytime I try to open them preview opens then stops responding. I have never had a problem like this before, actually, i think this is my actual first problem with my mac.

    It has always worked before and I have done this numerous times. Any ideas?

    There are three seperate documents I have to read and it wont open any of them. I also tried just opening the program alone and it also stops responding when not opening any document.

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    Try downloading Abode Acrobat in the mean time. Have you tried opening other pdf's not related to those particular files? It might just be those particular files that are giving Preview a problem.

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    Have you tried repairing permissions?
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    Yep, have tried both of your suggestions.

    Does preview do anything else other than open pdf's? Will this affect anything else?

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    preview works for all these files. JPG, GIF, TIF, PSD, PICT, PNG, BMP, and SGI.
    as asked above... do any other PDF's work... if this is then maybe the pdf is corrupted. and preview is not at fault..
    EDIT: sorry mis read ur question

    I have never seen any other program use Preview. So this should not affect any tthing else.

    Try taking you bundeled sfotware CD and reinstalling Preview from tehre maybe this will fix the probelm

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    Does anyone think I could leave this alone until I get tiger and that will fix the problem, or is that not the route to take?

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    i think that if you get arcobat reader you will be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel02001
    Does anyone think I could leave this alone until I get tiger and that will fix the problem, or is that not the route to take?
    well if u arent satified with Acrobat Reader, then get tiger to solve your problem. But i recommend u wait till its at atleast 10.4.1 jsut so some bugs are fixed. if u are satisfied with Acrobat Reader and stillw ant tiger, then GO FOR IT !!!!

    good luck

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    Well I have acrobat reader now but I still want preview to work. I looked in the disks that came with the powerbook and I cant find anything that just installs preview. Is it under another heading or something that I just cant find in the software bundles?

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    You need to use Pacifier to open up the individual install packages on the disks...
    Then you can locate the package that just installs Preview and can copy it from there.

    You can find pacifier on

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    I deleted the prefrences to fix this problem.

    Sorry to bring up an old thread but I thought I would get this easy fix out there.

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