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    Clean Safari download statusbar?
    The best part of Firefox for me is the download status bar (") plug-in, that replaces the download pop-up window with a clean little bar on the bottom. It lets me ignore my downloads without taking up space until I want to open them, and then it's a simple double click.

    The speed of safari on Snow Leopard is too good to not use, but I can't stand leaving this plug-in behind. Anything similar?

    This question has been asked before elsewhere (Download Statusbar (Firefox) equivalent for Safari? - Topic Powered by Eve Community) but I was hoping there may have been some progress on this front.


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    I agree that Download Statusbar is one of Firefox's best add-ons, but I have yet to find anything comparable for Safari. However, I do use the feature of Glims that closes the Downloads window automatically (I have it set to close the moment the downloads finish), and I've grown used to its similar utility. Glims also has a bunch of other useful features that you might like coming from Firefox, so I certainly recommend trying it out.

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    Best thing to do:
    Tell Apple.

    The more feedback they get, the more likely it is that they will add the feature.

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