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Thread: ical mailings

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    ical mailings

    We use ical and find it great but .......

    we want to create a customer list. What would be ideal is to be able to do the following:-

    Enter a new customers name, address and telephone number and appointment date and time. The appointment would then automatically be entered into ical.

    At a later date if we wanted to do a mail out we could simply use the address list.

    Any ideas how we would set it up please


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    This might be primitive, but, here goes...

    Under View, choose Show Search Results. Then when you type something into the box at the upper right (next to the magnifying glass) the results will show up below.

    You'll have to create a unique string of characters* to include in every Event relating to your customer list, otherwise, the Search will be "polluted" with other things. For example, I entered "car" to see all my reminders about upcoming maintenance. It also returned all reminders about when I have to put my trash cart out at the curb.

    *I'd suggest using a "q" followed by something other than a "u" since that will never happen in any word.


    You might also want to explore the use of Smart Groups in Address Book. Fire it up and look in Address Book Help. I don't use it, so I can't give specific tips. Just search for Smart Groups and read up on it.

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