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    OSX Mail, too may inboxes?
    Hi, after using Gmail through a browser for the last few years, I decided recently to switch to using OSX's Mail app so I could manage my Gmail account, and also my website email account in one program.

    After a bit of reading I decided to setup my Gmail using Imap, as keeping the online version and the local version synced makes perfect sense to me. However, after a lot of hassle trying to get my Gmail account setup, and waiting for days for it to download all my existing messages, I have a very annoying problem I can't seem to get my head around.

    Now within Mail, although there is only 1 account for my Gmail, I have to seperately manage two inboxes for the same account. So when a new email arrives, it appears as 2 seperate versions, see below -

    This gets very annoying to deal with, if a new email arrives that is spam, I get notified of this, rather than it just getting sent to the bin. I also have to open the same email twice for it to register as being read. My website email account works perfectly, no drama there, just seems to be Gmail & Imap.

    So if anyone has encountered this problem when setting up an account in Mail or has any advice, please offer your help.

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    I have the same exact issue. Does anyone here know how to fix this?

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