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    photo edit application
    Hello all.

    Can some help me with information on an easy to use and yet good photo edit application?


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    i havnt used it yet but i found one in the apple downloads section called acorn

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    Are you using iPhoto? It has several good options for editing, depending on exactly what you want to do. What are your editing needs? What are you trying to accomplish?

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    As far as I'm concerned this is the one area that has been a frustration for me after switching about a year ago (and I'm talking graphics and photo editing). I used Paint Shop Pro on Windows (until it was bought out...version 9.1 is the last Jasc version). Gimp is powerful, but just doesn't satisfy...I want a native app. There are options out there, I just didn't want to pay

    Eventually I'll probably grab Pixelmator

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