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Thread: Forwarded and replied issues

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    Nov 06, 2008
    Forwarded and replied issues

    When I forward (ANd I think reply) to mails, only the text that I have written is visible to users of Microsoft Outlook. So they don't get the bit that I am forwarding.

    A friend of mine receives the forwarded bit on his blackberry, but not on his laptop. Not sure wat software he has on blackberry.

    Any ideas. Is it a setting that I can change, or something that they have to change, or a problem with mail compatibility with outlook.



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    So, that means you are using Outlook? Which version? What OS?

    How many friends are reporting this to you? What do they use?

    Are any others telling you everything comes through fine?

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    My bad.

    I'm using mail.

    At least everyone that I work with and use the same work email server.

    I haven't been able to test for non work related users of outlook yet.

    ANd I'm not sure what is on Blackberry.


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    OK This is getting worse now.

    Now half of my company can't read any text in my emails

    SOme are using outlook. Some are using webmail.

    Does anyone know of a contact in Apple that I can get in touch with to discuss what might be causing it.

    I'm guessing that it is settings on their end as some people can read emails fine.



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