Hello -

I took some videos & pictures at a concert & want to upload them to my MacBook (OS X 10.4). I decided to use Image Capture to import my videos since iPhoto usually won't do it...except Image Capture only imported one of my videos. I tried disconnecting/reconnecting my camera, restarting Image Capture, etc. - but it won't import any of my other videos. I also tried selecting a single video to import and that doesn't work either - it just appears to import really fast, and then nothing shows up on my Desktop. Basically, the program is telling me it imported my videos but it hasn't.

I tried iPhoto as a last resort, and it did upload a couple of my videos...but it won't play them in QuickTime, and I can't find the files anywhere on my computer. I've tried looking in several forums for answers & am getting extremely frustrated. Any help is greatly appreciated...Thanks!