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    Facing problem with entourage 2008
    Dear all,
    I have configured hotmail in entourage 2008 for mac. so its often happen that it start downloading the e-mails from the scratch without reconfiguring the e-mail.
    I have 11000 e-mails in my hotmail account so one can imagine how hectic it could be for any one if these e-mails starts downloading automatically from the scratch again even though i have these e-mails stored in my entourage. how could i stop this.

    If kindly help me in resolving this issue.

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    Hi there Haider .... Welcome to Mac Forums ...

    I did have this problem a while ago with entourage 2004 and for the life of me couldnt find a answer. I let entourage down load all my emails from my Live acc. More searching now i found that if you make a custom folder in your web hotmail acc, say "Family" just for arguments sake and not in your entourage acc they shouldnt download.

    As for why they all download, all i can come up with is that this is the default for pop3 accounts .....
    Hope this is useful to you.

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