Yes I know it's my error to install a microsoft program on my MacBook Pro 10.4.11. My bad. No good.

However, is a MSN Messenger 7 update really supposed to wipe out ALL my custom emoticons under the "Microsoft User Data" folder?

Now I'm not saying my life is all about emoticons but still strange to throw away a bunch of carefully chosen symbols for various expressions just because I upgraded a program.

I don't expect there's an answer to it, but thought I'd mention it.

At least somebody else might avoid the same mistake by first making a backup copy of the custom emoticon folder before installing an upgrade.


PS 1
And no, I wouldn't even have upgraded MSN if it wasn't for the bug that if somebody contacts me from invisible mode (when I'm visible) and the discussion halts for a minute, my replies won't reach him.

PS 2
Take note that even with MSN 7 installed on your Mac, if your friend on a PC updates the latest version of MSN (whatever number it be), he apparently won't be able to receive file transfers from you (from us Mac users) because we have an "old version". *F_k that, backwards compatibility anyone?

PS 3
I probably should stop using chat programs and get a life instead, I know! :-) There's more to life than MSN.