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    Question What software would you like to see for your Mac?
    A fellow programmer and I have created a software startup company, and while we have a few ideas and projects underway, we need to hear from you, the users; what software do you want for your Mac? What do you want, that isn't currently on the market? Or maybe there's a product you really like, but is missing something (or simply has too much).

    So, post your ideas/comments here. Give us an idea of what you'd like to see come to the Mac, and what pricepoint you'd like to see it at.

    Roger Michaels
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    half life 2, grand theft auto, most good other pc games, microsift frontpage

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    I wish I'd had Guitar Pro 4.0.. is the best music program)) if smbd converts it to I will be happy )))

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlisle20
    microsift frontpage
    WHY??? :biohazard
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    I want a(nother) RSS/Atom reader.

    I *really* like NewsFire ( but the developer is a jerk and I don't want to pay any money to him. I've been thinking of learning to program with the intention of making an exact clone of NewsFire (both interface-wise and useability-wise)

    I'd be willing to pay $10 for a NewsFire clone.

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    Something like Streambox Ripper (Win only) on the Mac platform. It converts music from one format to another (eg. rm to mp3)

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    Look into Proteus.. I love it

    Edit: Doh.. I meant PulpFiction

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    I would like to see a calculator that works pretty much exactly like the TI-89. I had to get on at my school for calculus class...but then two weeks after i got it it was stolen. So know i don't have a calculator to do my homework with...and i really don't have the 150ish dollars to buy a new one right now.

    So a really nice calculator would be cool...but i think very difficult!!

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