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    Listen to music in iTunes w/o adding to iTunes?
    Hey everyone, so I recently got an external HD and moved all my music to it and am letting iTunes access all my music from it so I can listen to it from my comp w/o it actually having to be on my comp :0) It took a while, but it is for sure a setup I am very glad I switched to.

    The only glitch is, I have new songs, some of which are over 10 minutes long, that I am not sure I like yet. I have to listen to them first. Where I run into trouble is my external HD is hooked up to the 2.0 USB on my Airport Extreme so downloading 10 minute songs to it talked longer than I am willing to wait (especially since I have SO MUCH new music to sample).

    Is there anyway that I can listen to new songs on my macbooks HD w/o having to upload them to my external HD before it will play it for me? Every time I click "add to library" it automatically moves it to my external HD. And I still want my external HD connected while I am doing this (I still need access to the other music already on my external HD while I am sampling new music)

    Hopefully this all makes sense I someone out there much smarter than I can help me out with this. Thanks in advance!

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    Yep! But you can't do it with iTunes because it'll just add it automatically. Instead, open it with Quicktime! iTunes uses the Quicktime library so everything that iTunes plays, Quicktime can play it. But if you're using Leopard or better, you can just use Quicklook.
    13" Macbook Pro 2.53GHz w/ 4GB RAM

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