Download MSN Messenger 8 for Mac clicking this link:

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Before installing...:

...If MSN Messenger 7.0.2. is open..., quit this application.

Then,... Click right on the downloaded file "Microsoft Messenger (Debug)" and open "Package Contents"

Open "Contents" then "Resources" and delete all files with the extension .Iproj EXCEPT the en.Iproj file

Close all open windows and install the application "Microsoft Messenger (Debug)".

The install program "Microsoft Messenger (Debug)" will ask you if it has to delete or save "MSN Messenger 7.0.2.". Choose to keep this application. Just in case of...

You might have to restart your notebook before MSN Messenger 8 for Mac will work.

MSN Messenger 8 works with iSight support very stable at my MacBook Pro with Intel hardware and I did not had to change my Dutch language preference in "OS-X Preferences".

Microsoft Windows XP users possibly have to upgrade to MSN Messenger 8 they will be able to video chat with MAC users as well.

If you already have installed MSN Messenger 8 for Mac and only saw numbers instead of text, then you can follow the procedure as written above as well.

I work with Dutch language Snow Leopard and iWorks and everything is still in Dutch.

Good luck!