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    Itunes causing Grey Screen of Death
    Ever since the last update, almost everytime I quit itunes my computer greyscreens. This happens both when I'm using my mbox for audio and when I'm not. I figured at first that snow leopard didn't like the mbox standalone core audio drivers but it seems the problem can happen at any time. Also when I shut down my computer within a minute or two of closing iTunes I experience a greyscreen.

    This is really freaking aggravating as I had greyscreen problems in leopard, and I did a fresh install of Snow Leopard hoping to get away from them. As far as I remember the problem did not happen (or at least not as often) until I updated iTunes. I've delt with it for a while now, but I'm finally getting fed up enough to consider a fresh reformat and using Songbird instead of iTunes (I swear with all the greyscreens and freezing that iTunes has some kind of personal vendetta against me)


    In general I hate iTunes and consider it even above windows media player in general mediocrity. I miss Winamp from my windows days of the distant past.


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    I would try uninstalling iTunes completly and redownloading.

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