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    Rome Total War
    Is anyone else really looking forward to Rome Total War coming out for mac? I certainly am a fan of Feral, but is has been an absurd amount of time since they said it was coming out. Well I hope this means the mac version will be flawless. Even though it is a rather old game I can't wait to play it. Of course I'm sure most of you with like opinion have played it on boot camp, but I personally can't wait for this version to come out.

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    Oct 23, 2009
    I CANT WAIT!!! hope my local eb games stocks so bad i cant wait to play BUT BUT BUT!!!!! does anyone know how to get it too work on crossover im dieing without it :S

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    I played this on my PC, absolutely fantastic game. A shame that I never got around to finishing it. I might have to pop in the disc and play for a little while again

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