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    iPhoto - where's my photos?
    Hi, I'm new here and I believe that the problem must be happened with some people, but I just can't find the way to solve mine. Please suggest me.

    My problem is I imported all photos from my digital camera by clicking import button. Then all the pics were shown in iPhoto in photo library as a date the pics taken. As that , i just wanted to rearranged the pics into a specified name folder, so i created a new folder and drag the pics to the folder i just created. Everything was still fine until I went to the Pictures folder under my Macbook ( like the one in my computer for windows explorer). In that folder, I didn't think that if I move those pics from that folder to trash, it could cause losing my pics in my iPhoto (could it?). Noted, i just moved to trash not empty trash yet. Anyway, once I realized that all my pics in my iphoto were gone, I went to trash and restore them all. However, here is my problem. I could restore only the pics in that folder. What about the pics that I imported directly to iphoto??? Where are they??

    Here I got confused; so every time i import picture directly to iphoto, do i have to make a copy to the pictures folder under my macbook too?

    Please someone help me .. suggest me. I am so panic of losing all my pics. they can't be taken again


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    While it is hard to say where you pictures are exactly, I would bet they are on there somewhere if you did not empty the trash with them in the trash. iPhoto doesn't like when you go messing around with the files outside of iPhoto. If that is what you want to do then you should look at other programs.

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    that's a relief. Thank you; i was thinking about bringing my Macbook to Apple store. Hope they can help me :')

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    Koupou, when using iphoto, you don't bother at all with what your pictures are doing in the pictures folder of iphoto. They are all stored in the iphoto library.

    I know its different from photoshop when you can go into the pictures folder and move them about but you don't do this at all in iphoto.

    If you want to delete pictures, go to the event in iphoto and do it from there.

    If you want to put them in smaller folders for viewing only, do that as an album in iphoto. These pictures are only aliases; they are not the original files which are still stored under the event.

    I have to say this event system annoys me quite a bit but i've learnt to use it. If you want to move the pictures from one event into several smaller one, create a new event and drag them over. And this will move the original files.

    I hope that's clear.

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