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    How do I unlock PDF files???
    I'm trying to uninstall a version of Dreamweaver. All goes well except for the pdf files it installed. When I try to delete them from the trash I get a pop-up stating that they can't be removed because they are locked.

    ...I'm a recent switcher. Thanks for the help.


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    right click or ctrl+click on the file, click get info, and uncheck the lock file box. if it is unchecked, check the permissions.

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    The box was not checked so, I looked under the permissions tab. There was a lock icon next to the owner tab (me of course), it was locked. I clicked on it and then it appeared unlocked. I moved the files to the trash again, same thing. No go. ???


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    You can try pressing the option key and then select empty the trash from the pull down menu. That should do a force empty trash.
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    Hey thanks. I did finally get it to work. I was trying to unlock the folder containing other folders. When I opened them individually, it worked like a charm.

    I'm trying to get the hang of this new system. My bigest problem thus far seems to be me trying to make it more complicated.

    Thanks...a bunch.


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