I was in the middle of working on a garage band project when it froze. I had not saved because I had JUST completed one LONG take. It was flawless, and I'd prefer to get it back rather than do it again. Is there ANY way I would be able to recover this file? I still have garage band open, and probably will as long as possible but I have the spinning pinwheel of death just hanging out there. I just need to know how to recover what I will lose if I close the application. I can SEE my file in the garage band app but they are not in the preview of the track itself. This was not an issue of back up, I had not time to do so before it froze, so please no "save often". I'm NOT asking for help with quitting garage band or making it run well again, I need help getting my tune back. Please help, I'm very disgruntled.
Help would be very greatly appreciated.