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Thread: Safari beach balling a lot

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    Safari beach balling a lot
    More and more often, the cursor in Safari goes to the dreaded beachball. This doesn't last long, but it is getting annoying. The beachball will happen even when I am on an all-text web page with no links or javascript. Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any culprit application helpers such as PithHelmet that would explain why this pausing occurs? My mac is a 1.33 GHz 12" powerbook, so there is more than enough processing power available for the mundane web browsing that I do.

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    do you have a lot of fonts installed and are using font book for font management? by more, I mean more than 50 or so. also, have you changed safaris settings to display things in a certain font other than the default? is safari the only app you get the beachball in? have you tried emptying safaris cache, or repairing permissions?

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    I get the beach-ball alot on eBay but not much else

    hmm yes very odd indeed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Danster
    I get the beach-ball alot on eBay but not much else

    hmm yes very odd indeed.

    i get that too on ebay all the time
    safari is slower on ebay for some reason


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    I got so fed up with Safari and Ebay that I switched to Firefox.
    Safari was good but I love Firefox.

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