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    Sep 21, 2009
    Videos in iPhoto and iMovie
    I noticed that when I plugged my camera into my new iMac, both iMovie and iPhoto wanted to import the videos. I let iPhoto import them as both apps seem to use the same term "events", thinking that they would store the videos in the same library. But since I cannot see the video's imported by iPhoto from iMovie, I guess they do not use the same library or storage object.

    This leads me to believe that I should not let iPhoto import the videos at all in order to avoid duplication of the videos? Or is iMovie really only used for editing videos, as opposed to creating a library of videos?

    Am I correct? Can someone shed some light on this? -harv

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    Sep 27, 2009
    Missing iPhoto videos in iMovies Solution
    I removed all special characters (in my case ') and renamed the event names to not include special characters. I quit completed out of iMovies and opened it back up. iMovies then prompts to create thumbnails (since the event name has changed) - which I accepted. All of my videos from iPhoto showed up in iMovies. Hope this works for you.


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