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    WireTap Pro vs. Audio Hijack, which is best?
    WireTap Pro vs. Audio Hijack with Fission for one simple editing task

    I have a collection of about 500 pieces of classical music in iTunes and on my iPod and iPhone. Some recordings come with adequate fade-out or decay time at the end of each piece of music (or each movement), some with little or none. I would like to get into my iTunes library and extend the fade-out silence at the end of each piece to a time that better suits my ear -- adding perhaps 10-15 seconds before the next piece of music starts if I have the iPod set for "shuffle." I'm not wanting to edit sound out...I'm just wanting to extend or append a silence. Are either of these program well-suited to that task? Any glitches I should be aware of? If both can do what I need is there any reason to favor one or the other?

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    Welcome aboard - Wire Tap Studio came with a package i got but my son who is more knowledgeable about these things pushed me onto an older copy of Sound Studio - certainly worked well importing cassette taps

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